LIB 5900 September 4

September 4

 Even though I have been at Township Three for almost 10 years and have been in the library on almost a daily basis, I never put a tremendous amount of thought into what all goes on behind the scenes until I began the MLS program.  I really had no idea what all Mrs. Yarbro and Mrs. Leslie do to keep the library running smoothly.

The first thing Mrs. Yarbro gave me to read was the Impact: Guidelines for North Carolina Media and Technology Programs.  That was a lot to read!  It seems that the state wants the libraries to become more technology oriented and less people oriented (at least, that’s the way I read it) and honestly, I don’t see how that is possible.  I can see how technology can be helpful but there will always be a need for a librarian.

I also got to see the “budget” information.  Actually, there wasn’t a lot to read through.  Mrs. Yarbro gets a printout from the office accountant showing the available funds for the library.  She then decides how to best use these funds.  The library gets funding from the PTO and also from the yearly Scholastic book fair.  Mrs. Yarbro has a form she uses to record materials the teachers have requested so she allocates part of the funds for these requests.  She also purchases the North Carolina Children’s Book Award winners.

While my class was at specials, I was able to go back to the library and help students (from other classes) find books on their AR (Accelerated Reader) level. 

(2 hours)

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