LIB 5900 September 14

Today, I weeded the easy non-fiction shelves.  Each school year, the media assistant focuses on one section to work through.  For the most part, the fiction books are shelved by call numbers.  However, Mrs. Sandra Yarbro, the school media specialist, has pulled all the first and second grade level books and shelved them separately on a shelf labeled “easy non-fiction”.  She uses the Accelerated Reader level to determine what books to pull.  She marks these books with orange stickers.  These books are all together on the same shelves.  They are not separated by call numbers.  Mrs. Yarbro pulled these books to make it easier for the younger students to find.  She says that the children that choose the non-fiction books generally do not look for specific subjects like the older students do, they simply pick a book that looks interesting to them.  This is the section she has asked that I work in.  She admits that this section does not get the attention that the other non-fiction sections do because it’s not divided by call numbers.

There are between 250-300 books in the “easy” non-fiction section.  Mrs. Yarbro asked that the older books; published before 1995, be pulled.  She also asked that any book with tears, rips, crayon/pencils marks, etc., be pulled as well.  She uses the physical condition of the book as a basis for weeding along with the date and check-out frequency.  I was able to pull approximately 40 books from the easy non-fiction shelves.  If the budget permits, the newer books that were pulled because of damage will be replaced.  The weeded books will be made available to teachers to use in their classrooms.

(2 hours)

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