LIB 5900 September 18

When our kindergarteners come to the library for their media lesson, they are allowed to check out one book.  They keep that book until the next week’s lesson.  They are encouraged to bring that book back every week so they can get a new one.  It’s a simple way to get the kids into the checking in/out process.  Before the end of the lesson and before they check books back out, they teachers ask for a report of who did not bring their book back.  I was able to go into the library circulation software and find this report.  They reports are generally printed out but the library printer is temporarily out of service so I had to figure out how to email the report.  Since I was learning, I went ahead and emailed reports to several different teachers (with a note that I was practicing with the reports).  I also learned how to run (or at this time just view) reports on students that have moved and still have books checked out, students that are new that may have books from other schools, how to flag a student so they cannot check out a book, and how to see the circulation history of a particular book.

(1 hour)

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