LIB 5900 Week of October 15

Our library needed a little freshening up; a couple of the displays were old and needed to be replaced.  With her schedule, Mrs. Yarbro simply doesn’t have the time to design and put up new displays.  She gave me two different walls to choose from but since I couldn’t decided between a couple displays I liked, I decided to change both.  I was able to do some of the work at home; printing, cutting, hot-gluing.  It took a few days to get the displays up since I had to work on them before class and during specials but I think they turned out well!  For both displays, I used books that were available in our library.  Both were a bit time-consuming but I like them!

The first display is called “A World of Reading”.  I go the idea after taking the Germany trip this summer.  Since school started, I have tried to introduce my class to books from other countries.  I decided to use that as a theme and also to incorporate some geography in the board as well.  I found bulletin board children from 15 different countries; each with a speech bubble that says “I love to read” in the official language of their country.  I than copied book covers from 15 different international books and attached them to the display, making it look like the children were reading the books.  I then attached a string from the child to their country on a world map in the middle of the display. 

(3 hours)ImageImageImageImage

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