LIB 5900 December 4

Well, this is my last official day in the library (I will still be helping while Mrs. Leslie is out).  Today, I shelved books (again!) and spent some time talking with Mrs. Yarbro about what all I had done this semester.  It seemed like at first, I was doing quite a bit but lately it has seemed to slack off as far as the technical part of the librarian job goes.  I have still been busy but it’s been mainly working the circulation counter and helping students that come in.  And even though I have been busy, I have felt like there were a lot of things I didn’t get to do.  Mrs. Yarbro made a valid point in saying there are differences between a school and a public library….many of the things I will experience at the public library aren’t things that are done in an elementary school.  She is confident I can handle a librarian position but again stressed it’s a lot different.  She has been most helpful and willing to share any knowledge and resources she has…..of course, I told her she has to since it was her suggestion I apply to the MLS program in the first place!

(1 hour) 

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